Sports Injuries

Aileen provides diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for people of all ages and abilities to help you achieve personal goals and targets; whether it is for a specific sport or event or to just keep going and enjoy your activity. Aileen will take into account your goals, lifestyle, sporting activites and general health.

Your consultation will include:

Sports Injuries DiagnosisDiagnosis
• A comprehensive consultation to assess and evaluate your injury or condition
• Discussion of signs, symptoms and history of your condition
• Postural analysis and palpitation of the injury
• Range of motion and specific orthopaedic tests
• Outline of individual treatment and rehabilitation plans

Sports Injuries TreatmentTreatment
Techniques used can include:
• Massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and muscle energy techniques
• Mobilisations
• Ultrasound, Interferential and TENS
• Kinesiology Taping & dry needling


Sports Injury RehabilitationRehabilitation
• Design and implementation of a custom made rehabilitation programme incorporating:
• Strength and flexibility, both gym and home-based exercises
• Core stability and postural education